Learn why Smart Entrepreneurs are using XAP 24/7 to Power their Business.

We provide all the resources a growing business needs from strategy, marketing and technology to accounting & bookkeeping.

Fingertip control of your business, 24/7 wherever you are in the world.

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Why Entrepreneurs choose XAP 24/7

  • Performance
  • Freedom
  • Wealth

XAP 24/7 solves the Biggest Challenge faced by Entrepreneurs … “the 1%”

Would you bet your house on starting a business given a 99% risk of failure?
Of course not, yet that’s the reality. That’s a big problem! So, how to join the 1%?

Imagine possessing the combined brilliance of Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Satoshi Nakamoto & Jack Ma on your team.

Imagine the most powerful technology solutions on Earth to power your business providing you with real-time data and insights at your fingertips, 24/7 for better decision making.

Sounds out of reach, right? Not at all. Discover how XAP (“zap”) is helping thousands of small business owners to join the elite 1% of entrepreneurs who break through!

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XAP 24/7 Team | Data Driven Performance

Mission: Performance + Freedom.
Transforming dreams into Realty.

Data driven business strategies, marketing and technology to drive performance
Learn how entrepreneurs are scaling their business with powerful tools and resources usually reserved to only large enterprises.

Why we created XAP 24/7

Small & medium sized businesses are vital to the global economy. A productive business provides meaningful jobs and improves humanity.

Startup entrepreneurs strive for a better life, yet sadly most will fail to achieve their dreams. Many are stressed, overworked or in crisis.

Focus on your core business and customers, and let XAP 24/7 help you with everything else. Introducing BAaS … ‘Business Advisory as a Service’.

Discover how XAP (“zap”) is providing entrepreneurs with cost effective, breakthrough strategies, tools & resources to drive business performance.

WHY XAP 24/7

The XAP Difference

Entrepreneurs should surround themselves with a team of advisors that intimately understand the business, it’s vision and culture. At XAP 24/7, we are ‘can do’ problem solvers.

Strategic Advisory
Our role is to help you grow as an integral part of your team. We are truly passionate about your success, providing well-researched data, advice and insights to make smart decisions.

24/7 Support
Today, slow communication is unacceptable. As an integral part of your team we provide real-time 24/7 support, anywhere, anytime.

To scale profitably, technology is vital. We help maximise use of technology to improve information flows, drive efficiencies and reduce costs. XAP 24/7 is 100% digital.

OUR Approach …

XAP 24/7 3S Framework

Meet Some of the Team

More than just tech geeks … we’re committed to driving your business performance

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