About XAP 24/7

Performance + Freedom

Entrepreneurs make the world a better place, but they cannot do it alone.
We help growth-minded business owners located around the world who share a common goal. They want to grow their business, create wealth and lifestyle for their family, employees and stakeholders.
Our Story

Who is XAP 24/7

XAP 24/7 Pte Limited is part of the XAP Group of Companies (“XAP Global”) based in Singapore.

XAP (pronounced “zap”) has 10 co-founders located across 6 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.

Just like our name “zap”, we aim to be the spark or catalyst for change, to transform business and inspire growth and innovation.

Our sister company XAP Corp is an ACRA registered Filing Agent (FA20210309) under the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority Act of Singapore. XAP Corp helps entrepreneurs around the world wishing to set up in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region..

Our Culture

Values that Drive Performance & Innovation

Our core values are embedded in our name:


Creating an amazing customer experience should not be limited to Starbucks and Singapore Airlines. XAP 24/7 brings a refreshing smile to the typically ‘dry’ corporate landscape.

Anywhere, Anytime

Finger-tip control of your business wherever you are in the world in collaboration with support from your XAP 24/7 team.


We are passionate about performance and continuous improvement. Key drivers include XAP’s strategic approach coupled with talented people, innovation and technology solutions.

Let’s Do It Together

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