XAP Global Teams provides revolutionary BPO Services for Smart Entrepreneurs

Scale your business with game-changing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services where you remain in control of your remote team.

While we provide recruitment, office facilities and payroll processing, you maintain control over training, onboarding, day-to-day operations and instilling your core values and culture.

The Smart Way to Attract and Retain the Best People.

There are so many great reasons to consider XAP Global Teams as your ‘go to’ HR outsourcing partner. Here are our Top 4 game-changing strategies to scale your business faster.

We know that building a strong, high performing team of people is one of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs. With over 500 remote workers from around the world, let us help build your winning team.

Aaron Bataque
Aaron Bataque
Head of XAP Global Teams, Philippines

Why Entrepreneurs are Choosing XAP Global Teams

1. Access to a Large Global Talent Pool.

No more labour shortages. When you expand your market beyond local borders and tap into remote working trends, you open up a massive talent pool.

2. Lower Costs. Increased Efficiency. Smart!

Save up to 75%. Use our experienced recruitment team to quickly source the best people. We take care of payroll processing and the infrastructure.

3. Control. Flexible Capacity Planning.

Scale up your team (or down) as you need. You are in control. For best results, integrate and treat your remote workers in the same way as your local team.

4. Save Time. Focus on your Core Business.

Business owners are stretched for time. Leverage your time and let XAP Global Teams take care of your HR needs, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Let’S Build Your Remote Team

People with passion. People with integrity, focused on results.

Add These Popular Roles to your Remote Team

Digital Marketing

  • Social Media
  • Graphic Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing

Customer Services

  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Support
  • Customer Onboarding
  • Event Coordinators
  • Project Managers


  • IT Support
  • Programmers
  • Web developers
  • Backend Developers
  • Animators

Finance & Admin

  • Invoicing
  • Collections
  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounts Payable
  • Virtual assistants

XAP Global Teams

We’d love to speak with you

Choose how and where your remote team operates.

Following the pandemic there has been a shift in working conditions and expectations. To widen the global talent pool we offer flexible working arrangements.

Every business is different. Choose your preferences for how your remote team works to attract and retain the best people.

Some roles are best suited to a conventional office environment. Due to travel and personal considerations, you may wish to offer work from home (WFH). In other cases, a hybrid approach might be the best solution – WFH + Office.

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XAP Global Teams
Flexible Remote Working Solutions

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